Steve Berry, well-known biking enthusiast, journalist and former presenter of Top Gear, has partnered with Classic Grand Touring to create a new adventure business called Berry’s Bike Adventures.

Set to launch in August, the first in a series of bike tours around the UK will be a tour of Scotland.

Steve explained the idea for Berry’s Bike Adventures “I came up with the idea post the pandemic when I was really keen to get back out and take rides around the countryside, but became bored with not having anyone to share the experience with.”

“So, I gathered a few friends and we planned a road trip around Scotland, staying in various pubs and hotels along the way. The trip was a great success, so we planned another one around Devon.”

“Both of our road trips were incredibly enjoyable, and we relished the opportunity to share the experience with one another instead of burdening those back home with endless stories and pictures. It was this realization that inspired me to launch my own tours.”

Mark Woolley of Classic Grand Touring commented “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Steve Berry in the creation of Berry’s Bike Adventures.”

“Many of our valued car clients also happen to be motorcycle enthusiasts who seek out thrilling adventures on two wheels. As such, expanding into the realm of motorcycle adventures is a natural progression for Classic Grand Touring as we continue to cater to our discerning clientele with exciting new opportunities.”

“Steve is a highly skilled motorcyclist and journalist who shares our passion for adventure, and we are delighted to collaborate with him. With his prominent profile in the bike world and our expertise in organizing exceptional trips, we hope to offer unforgettable riding experiences that can be enjoyed by riders of all levels and on a variety of bike models. Our first adventure to Scotland is scheduled for the end of August this year, with additional excursions planned for 2024 and beyond.”

Berry’s Bike Adventures is all about sharing experiences with like-minded riders and travelling together rather than alone. The first road trip will take place in Scotland, crossing over to Skye on the ferry and returning via the bridge while exploring the highlands. Berry’s Bike Adventures is already planning further trips for next year.