Classic Grand Touring has announced its commitment to becoming as environmentally responsible as possible by partnering with Net-Hero, a carbon footprint, management and mitigation platform.

Net-Hero provide sophisticated risk management and high levels of transparency and their state-of-the-art technology platform locates, purchases and retires the world’s highest quality carbon credits.

By analysing Classic GT’s carbon footprint, Net-Hero have calculated their emissions and generated a detailed analysis of the organization’s scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions, and established goals and initiatives to reduce the operational footprint going forward. High integrity offsets are used for the neutralizing of the unavoidable operational emissions.

Mark Woolley of Classic Grand Touring commented “We acknowledge that driving cars on tours around the world can be viewed as environmentally unfriendly, even though data from several independent studies indicate the use of classic cars has a minimal carbon footprint. Nonetheless, Classic GT is taking steps to reduce its carbon emissions, and working with Net-Hero is an essential part of that effort. We are embarking on this programme not only for ourselves as a business, but also on behalf of our customers. We are effectively offsetting their carbon footprint on all our events. So, to take on that responsibility means the programme must be run with a partner who has significant credibility, is able to retire only the very highest quality carbon credits and operate with total integrity and transparency. We have worked intensively with Dario Galli-Zugaro and his team at Net-Hero over the last few months to accurately define our carbon footprint and to ensure we run this programme to the highest level.”

Dario Galli-Zugaro from Net-Hero commented “At Net-Hero we emphasise the importance of selecting the highest integrity carbon credits, such as those aimed at protecting natural carbon sinks like forests, peatlands, and coastal mangrove forests and that also include vital co-benefits, such as biodiversity protection and a sustainable lifestyle for the local communities involved in the project boundaries.”

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Galli-Zugaro said “We look forward to working with Classic Grand Touring and enabling them to deliver their tours while minimizing the burden on the environment.”

About Net Hero

Net-Hero is a registered member of the CBL Exchange, the world’s leading spot exchange for ESG Commodity Markets. CBL is a global exchange platform for transacting energy and environmental commodity products such as carbon, renewable energy, water and natural gas.

Net Hero are also members of the Verra registry, the world’s cornerstone for carbon credit projects verification and certification, Ecoregistry, American Carbon Registry. They source only the highest-quality carbon credits, registered under internationally recognised standards and have to be highly rated by Bezero, world leader in carbon ratings. Net-hero takes it one step further and conducts its own due diligence by visiting the carbon credit projects whenever possible.  This depth of experience supports their vision: to be the go-to place to measure, manage and mitigate any of your emissions.

Net Hero support clients in understanding, calculating and offsetting emissions across multiple aspects of your day-to-day life in order to tackle the defining challenge of our generation. 

For more information and to download the Net Hero app visit