Namibia is one of the last places on earth that can truly be considered to be largely unspoilt by the modern world! It has the worlds oldest desert, the highest sand dunes, the second deepest canyon in the world, and a 1500km coast line that is almost entirely uninhabited. Thanks to its almost unique geography and very small population, Namibia is a place of massive contrast and home some of the biggest conentrations of wild animals to be found anywhere on the planet.

It is also safe with very low levels of crime, complimented by wide well maintained roads with extremely low levels of traffic and some fabulous hotels and game reserves for adventure seekers to enjoy.

It is little wonder therefore that Classic Grand Touring has decided to create a fabulous 14 day tour of this immense country and all it has to offer.

You will drive yourselves in high quality 4×4 vehicles, which will be provided for you as part of your package, over a distance of about 2 000 miles. With quality rods and low traffic, these miles are easily eaten up and should not put people off the idea of travelling to this incredible place.

Our driving will be broken by days off and stays at some of the very best hotels Namibia has to offer. High quality hotels that offer ‘rustic luxury’ and high quality cuisine.

The adventure offers you the opportunity to see all of Namibia’s best places. We will set off from just outside Windhoek, the country’s capital city, and head north east to Etosha, one of the worlds greatest wildlife parks, for two days, before heading across to and down the Skeleton Coast, and then on to Swakopmund. After another day of catching our breaths, we’ll keep heading south to the incredible Soussusvlei, and then onto the Fish River Canyon, before heading North, back to Windhoek, via the Kalahari desert and crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

Our adventure promises to be a once in a lifetime glimpse into this extraordinary place, organised by a company which specialises in providing high quality, well organised tours for decerning adventurers.

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